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Distinguished people tend to surround themselves with distinguished objects. However even the unbeatable ceases to be enough. Then we face the need of something unique. Something that millions may only dream of. Something not only having impeccable features, but granting breathtaking emotions.
“The Federation” complex is located in the center of “Moscow City” block and consists of the “East” and “West” towers, resembling two huge sails. The upper benchmark of the “East” tower is 374 meters. It is the Europe’s highest skyscraper.

Due to its record-breaking height and the outstanding architectural solution of Sergei Tchoban and Peter Schweger, the “Federation” tower has become a new keynote in Moscow architecture and the center of city business life. Today in MIBC “Moscow City” there are more than 1,5 thousand owners and tenants with their offices. General capitalization of public companies is $980 bln. Overall on the 60 ha territory there have been built 16 skyscrapers, which is 2,5 mln of square meters of real estate.

It is convenient to get to the complex using any type of transport. Within easy reach there is the Third Ring Road with a stand-alone ramp, in a walking distance there are “Delovoy Tsentr”, “Vystavochnaya” and “Mezhdunarodnaya” metro stations, as well as “Delovoy Tsentr” platform of Moscow Central Circle. Close at hand yachts and boats berth can be found.



In the “Federation” project the unique concept of “Vertical Street” has been implemented. While moving “along the street” by a high-speed elevator, a resident can get from home to work, from work to a fitness-center, cinema or societal event. There are lots of shops, restaurants, banking centers, notariates and translation services, travel agencies, air ticket offices and even the highest swimming pool in Europe, located on the 61-th floor of the “West” tower, which is 230 meters above curb. On the 62-th floor of the “West” tower one can find “Sixty” restaurant, which serves French and Italian cuisine, provides neat service and a chance to enjoy the panoramic view over Moscow. When the weather is fine, the windows of the restaurant are kept open, so that guests can make the most of the city view from vertiginous height and have a breath of truly fresh air, compatible to Alpine.



Four underground floors of stylobate, connecting “West” and “East”, are allotted to trading galleries, with total floor space of 15 000 square meters. There is everything a modern citizen needs: shops, dry-cleaning, beauty salons, flower arranging centers, pharmacies, banks, cafes, food-courts and restaurants, an eco-market and a supermarket, as well as a fitness-center. Underground galleries connect “Federation” with the trading center “Afimall” and the City skyscrapers. It is an easy way from here to underground and above-ground parking. The “vertical street” offers a resident of the complex as wide range of goods and services as the central streets of metropolis without leaving the building.



Above the 69-th floor the apartments, granting their residents the feeling of flight above the ground, are located. All the windows are made floor-to-ceiling. From this point the views of Poklonnaya Gora, White house; Moscow State University and Kremlin open up. Minimum space of the apartments is 55 square meters. The ceiling height starts with 3,5 meters. Panoramic vitrescence is performed using no handrails or crossbars not to obscure the view. Five upper floors of the “East” are occupied with platinum apartments – the highest residential property in Europe, and the gem of the Tower – a groundbreaking penthouse.

In the “Federation” tower, residents and guests of the apartments will have an opportunity to use a separate entrance with its own lobby and personalized elevators. One will be able to have a view over the city at a glance and spot its guidelines: Moscow-river curves, Stalin’s skyscrapers, House of Government, Poklonnaya Gora and the Kremlin. Each apartment is a private viewing platform providing personalized experience of dusks and dawns. Low windowsills, the same as transparent walls, will expose all the shades of natural light and reflect light effects on the neighboring skyscrapers.